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Mini Projects

Mini-projects are my playground of exploring social innovation ideas (most of them are in emerging markets), as well as my creative outlet.  


*Update: After I shared this idea, my friend told me about a similar product, the Samsung S bike mode. It is a genius idea, Vietnam could totally localize it to fit into its market needs, at the same time, solve the snatching phone issue. 


Snatching phones in public spaces has been one of the most critical social issues in Vietnam.

It causes great danger to not only the victims but also surrounding people, especially when they are on their scooters. In a lot of cases, victims ended up in critical condition, the most common was brain injuries. I was always in the paranoid of my phone about to be snatched whenever I was on the streets in Vietnam. In addition, it creates a bad image of the country to foreign tourists. However, there are phone calls that cannot wait. So how might we tackle this issue? 

For scooter riders who live in Ho Chi Minh City and have to take phone calls while they were on the streets, the design needs to consider five key factors based on social & local context: 

  1. Cost
  2. Safety
  3. Convenience
  4. Connectivity
  5. Weather condition