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bridgit - your Freelance Career Sidekick

Strategic Innovation


bridgit - your Freelance Career Sidekick

A strategic innovation that redefines how creative freelancers run their business

Scope: 12 weeks
Categories: UX Research & Strategy, Wireframing, UI Design, Prototyping, Venture Strategy
Tools: Sketch, Principle, Aftereffects
Andrew Chern (Associate Principal + Managing Director, Strategy at SYPartners)
Roger Mader (Ampersand Founding Partner)
Criswell Lappin (Creative Director at Scrollmotion)
Team: Margarita Yong, Paula Daneze
Role: desk research, interviews, hi-fi wireframes, prototyping, financial model, market adoption plan, pitch deck




To build a venturing strategy to capture the creative freelancer segment in the U.S. by understanding their current underlying challenges.


A digital product that helps creative freelancers grow their networks by finding, building, and nurturing meaningful relationships, as well as optimize their business development, in a time-saving and organic fashion. 



Synthesis of findings from:

  • Our survey taken by 40+ creative freelancers (results).

  • User-interviews with 10 creative freelancers at different levels of expertise and phases of their career.

  • Desk research on Human Behavior, Economics and Technology (tools and resources for creative freelancers and independent contractors).



Our research synthesis shows what have been keeping freelancers up at night are the uncertainty and inconsistency of jobs lined up. Another important finding is that their personal and professional relationships have been playing a crucial role in getting the next clients as the majority of them come through word of mouth.

The underlying problem is that freelancers have not had any efficient system that can help them manage those relationships. In addition, there is no tool in the current market that provides a holistic solution to this specific demographic.



Quickly connect with potential clients and collaborators based on personal preferences, mutual interests and expectations by learning in depth about them at one glance.   

  1. Find connections based on preferences (location, expertise, connection degrees, availability status)

  2. Quick overview of their work

  3. Find 2nd/3rd degree connections who have commonalities with but otherwise would never have crossed paths with

  4. When they will be available to work or collaborate

  5. Gain trust by seeing mutual connections

  6. Core values

  7. (Expanded section) Get to know them more personally

  8. Professional experience

  9. Grow networks by either referring this person to other friends or asking to be theirs



Nurture relationships with reminders, calendar events and bridgit's smart suggestions, as well as add and find new contacts.  



Efficiently shuffle through and compare potential connections. 



What makes the network robust is bridgit's second component. As their personal CRM (Customer Relationship Management), bridgit helps freelancers keep track of, not only new, but also past relationships, optimize their business development efforts and unlock all the other features mentioned in the video.


Visuals only to communicate bridgit's features, not the intended UI.



Currently in the market, there are products and services that also target freelancers. We categorized them into two different spectrums: the vertical axis is about how much the products allows freelancers to interact with others to build relationships, and the horizontal axis is about how the platform organizes and keep track of their users’ contacts. This is how bridgit fits in the market and is the best of both worlds.


Job boards - no direct interaction between users in the platform, don’t store your contacts.
Social media and Recruiting platforms - where users actively interact with connections but there is no comprehensive system that organizes them.
Personal CRMs - while they do offer a comprehensive system that organizes your contacts, there is no place for active interactions.



Freelancers in the U.S. is a fast growing emerging market. The percentage growth has nearly doubled for the past 3 years due to advanced technology and the change in mindset of business leaders on specialized labor on demand. At this rate, we are about a decade away from freelancers becoming the majority of the workforce (in 2027). This is a strategic time to launch bridgit.

U.S. Freelance Population Growth (   Source   )

U.S. Freelance Population Growth (Source)



With current market size and based on the mass market conversion rate, we plan to capture 100K users in the first year. Within four years, we are expected to raise 11.3M dollars in revenue. 

Financial Spreadsheet


Our main revenue streams are ads, premium package and sponsorships. Also, starting on the second year, we will add another one which is SAAS model (Software as a Service) to corporations like SYPartners, Deloitte, etc. who want to build their own “open talent source” community.



In the first year, we will launch bridgit in the 10 cities that have the highest population of creative freelancers (one by one, starting with NYC, where we are based in). bridgit will be introduced at local events/ conferences catered to freelancers (New Media Expo,WordCamp, Future of Web Design, etc.).




We will partner with organizations that focus on freelancers, such as Freelancers Union (joined by 360K freelancers), as well as incubators and co-working spaces, such as WeWork (recently bought Meetup that has 8M users on its platform).
These partnerships will help to exponentially expose bridgit to its potential users. 



We had some trouble looking for freelancers to bring in for interviews and send surveys to due to the broad audience we wanted to target at the beginning, all types of freelancers. Thus, the data could be less accurate. We should have started with a specific community of freelancers.

Bridgit’s mission is to help creative freelancers overcome their barriers, build meaningful relationships and strive in their career.

Bridgit’s mission is to help creative freelancers overcome their barriers, build meaningful relationships and strive in their career.



[from left] myself, Paula.  You can also see Margarita’s reflection on the glass wall between us. She is the team’s 5-star photographer!

[from left] myself, Paula.
You can also see Margarita’s reflection on the glass wall between us. She is the team’s 5-star photographer!


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