Angie N. Tran's Portfolio



Hello! Xin Chào!

I’m Angie Ngoc Tran —
Product designer, strategist, problem solver and multipotentialite,
passionate about FinTech products and social impact work in developing communities.

(Angie came from the first two letters of my first name, Ngoc. Got it?)



As my name indicates, I'm from Vietnam, a tropical country full of wonders. I'm currently pursuing an MFA degree in Interaction Design at SVA (School of Visual Arts) in NYC, 2019.

I come from a background of Industrial & Interior Design. My curiosity in how people act, or react, in specific ways, to certain situations led me to become a product designer & strategist. But I don't stop at designing great user experience and interactions. I'm always striving to develop products and services that are not only desirable but also feasible and viable.

On a side note, I'm a 5th Kyu in Aikido, Zen meditation practitioner, plastic reduction advocate, minimalist lifestyle enthusiast, seasonal vegetarian, Escape Game addict, big appreciator of cultural diversity and firm believer of the power of habits.


I believe in creating a life that reflects my values and satisfies my soul. That's why I always seek for opportunities to contribute to social innovation in developing communities. Check out some of my social projects!

If you share the same passion, let's collaborate :) No matter what part of the world I'm at right now, I'm only one click away!


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